School-Wide Activites

At Fosen Folk High School we try new things, think new thoughts, widen our horizons, improve the talents we are unsure about, and invest in new interests.

Much of this is done at our different courses, but much as well is done together, outside of our courses. Together electives and school trips make up nearly half the lessons.

It is only the sum of all these lessons and activities, as well as living toghether, that makes up your learning at Fosen Folk High School. Several of the school-wide activites at Fosen are:

Morning Gathering

An important forum with songs, words of the day from students and teachers, and information about lessons and daily life at the school. The main point is "Word of the Day," there all students get a chance to speak before the school in the run of the year. It can be anything from a student's or teacher's knowledge to poetry or politics.

School Parties

About once a month we have a party in the evening with good food, entertainment, sketches, and other fun! The various classes are responsible for thier own parties placed around the year.


Tuesday mid-mornings and a part of saturdays we have seminars. The form and contents very greatly but it could be anything from cleaning, discussions, roleplay, dance and music.

It could be politics, philosophy, history, it could be an everyday sort of topic or timeless questions about humanity, but more often than not its about something like edible plants in the forest or fire. The themes will give you inspiration for the school's organic or enviormental politics' profile, and new perspectives to be known around the world.

House Meetings

The students here have small "Family Groups" with a teacher there too. These are cozy little meetings with cake and coffee, and we talk about things big and small as they relate to our life here at school.


A good, old Norwegian custom, summed up with: Something needs doing, and a gaggle of folks gets it done in a snap! And with smiles on our faces! What could be more meaningful! We pick and carry berries and vegetables, plant herbs, chop wood, and paint buildings.

You will also go out into the woods and surrounding area to collect plants and materials to use for lessons in the kitchen. Its fun to see how much we can do in such a short time when we all work together!


We want to make a difference. Through several days of working together we connect more to our eviroment. It could be modern technology, thrown out and re-used, re-design, or bought at thrift markets!

New Learning Together

There are many ways to learn. With FNYF you can focus on one theme together with other interested students. It can be whatever, and you find for yourself how you work all together. Maybe through experiment, discussion, find work around town, go on learning trips, or whatever you want!...

You will get a leader to help you along, but it is up to you and your group to do your own work together.

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