Fosen Folk High School Group

Fosen Folk High School Group is the schools own group and is open to membership. Previous students, staff, and others that have been close to the school make up most of the members. The group produces thier own magazine, Utegangaren, and a working group to organize all the student reunions, as well as mountian and sailing trips, courses, and the overall direction of the group.

Become a member!

To be a member with the group costs 100 Crowns per year. The year spanning from one yearly reunion to the next, which usually fall in the month of Feburary. If you choose to recieve the membership magazine "Utegangaren" in the mail you can come along on all the trips and courses. Among other things it could be a 1-3 week long sailing trip in the summer or a cozy winter gathering around Easter (even though Easter is in spring). In general you can come to the class reunion with a clean conscience!

Membership dues can be paid to the school's account at 4213 05 10242. The total is 100,- Crowns. Remember to put your name!

Also send an email that you have paid to e.utegangaren@gmail.com. Include your postal address so we can send you your copy of Utegangaren.

Additional Information

The leader of the group is named Anja Tordatter Kristensen. Her most important job is to spred joy and engagment. She also supervises the student group and has the membership list; she makes sure the the addresses and the like are updated. She also checks her emails often so you can email her at e.utegangaren@gmail.com. Just write if you are wondering anything.

The functioning editor is Elise Kjønsletten, she keeps all the words in order for Utegangaren. It is the members that make Utegangaren work and make it funny to read. If you have comments or suggestions for the magazine you can send them to e.utegangaren@gmail.com. Thank you for you support!

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