School Trips

We go on trips to be amongst the Norwegian nature and feel the history of the mountains and fjords. We set our sails and listen to the silence as our sails fill with wind.

Experience the Exotic nature of Norway!

One week every fall and spring we sail out into the fjord in our own open sailboats we made at the school. Once we get to our island with sheep we gather those sheep all together for either slaughter in the fall, or to pluck the wool in the springs. As well as administering medicine and checking the population. The week is full of sailing, campfires, songs, and swimming in the fjord. We see eagles, and seals, eat crabs, fish, and elbow muscles, and we play games and go around on little trips.

The Winter Adventure

In winter we go out for a week to the mountains. On the menu we have cross-country skiing, ice-fishing, building igloos, and quinzies, animal tracking, and just goofing around on our skis. We also take time to play cards and have campfires!

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