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Short Course

All folk high schools arrange short courses for adults of all ages. The course lengths vary from one to several weekends, or some even go from one to several weeks. The courses are shown on the school's homepage.

Coastal culture

This is perhaps the most well known of our courses on sailing and sail boats, most often the 30 foot boats, but also some smaller ones from Viking times. Other hand work courses with relation to coastal culture are boat building and repair, rope making, seamanship, and sail making. As well as courses about how men navigated with the help of the sun and stars in the Viking times.

Recent Course: Square Sailing

Hand work

The school has now grown to also teach old crafts such as skin tanning, sewing in leather, log cabin building, naalbinding, spinning, felting, basket weaving, wood bending, and much, much more.

Recent Course: Trip to Kenya

Outdoor life

Outdoor life on nature's terms, without much equipment, er a key feature of Fosen Folk High School. We have courses in kayak building and paddling, and different outdoor living trips in Summer and Winter.

Organic farming/gardening and horses

We have our own organic farm that produces vegetables with horses and other animals, like pigs, and chickens. In organic farming and gardening we learn to work within our compotence with horses and the course is lie this: Natural horsemanship, bare foot horses, riding into the barn, working with horses in the fields and the woods. We can make a course for you and your horse, or you can use a horse we have trained.

Courses for corporations and leaders

To row and sail an open boat together - it requires teamwork, awakenness, initiative, flexability, and good communication. In other words, qualities many corporations and leaders wish to see in thier employees. We arrange the course in sailing with a focus on teambuilding, as well as we give insight into the lives of fishermen 150 years ago.

Tailor-made course

We can put together a plan with a practical purpose, and organize a course or a seminar. We make the frame, and you shape the final outcome of it. As you can see we have experience and compotense in many areas. Make contact with us if you are interested. We will design the course that you need!