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A Little about the Farm

Vi are the nation's single folk high school with it's own farm, and there is life year round at there.

The farm is about 2 Km from the school, and here we follow the seasons of the year and the pecularities of the life of raising animals, and out of the house. The farm is run organically, and we have horses, pigs and pigglets, hens, sheep, and barn cats.

On our fields we raise most of our grass that will become hay. In addition we grow a part of both corn and animal feed for sale, and last, but not least, potatoes and vegetables which are eaten at the school. We vary our choices a little from year to year dependent on what you (or the kitchen) things will be good to eat. The farm is on about 70 decares, in addition to 20 decares we loan out.

We also have a summer farm. Its called Lefætten and there we have stalls and equipment for horses and we run a building operation in the forest in winter.