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Hand work and Design

Hand work and Design

Your hands, your ideas

In this course you have the chance to grow your creativity by working with many materials, techniques, and expressive forms. Here you partake in the whole process from raw materials to finished product. From shearing sheep to spinning and coloring the yarn, to knitting your own sweater.

You get to work with wood and twigs to weave baskets. You can choose to explore deeper into working with clay and ceramics. We begin with old techniques, but incorportating your own thought and creative expression, so you can design things the way you like them.

You find inspiration, and get theoretical and prectical exprience in the techniques. Learn to read patterns, choose materials, and work in a social classroom enviroment where you can expand your knowledge- the whole time with help from the course's teacher.

We get inspiration from art history, trips, exhabitions, local craftspeople and, of course, from nature. Our greatest peices are on an exhibition in Rissa.

Going Deeper

In May we have a three week long intensive learning period when we expand our learning and abilities in whatever topic you wish. We visit local craftspeople, and have a short study trip in Norway.


- Dyeing yarn with pants
- Using indigo to get blue
- Felting wool, and other techniques
- Nunofelting, dry-felting
- Knitting, Crochet, Naalbinding
- Spinning on a drop-spindle
- Knitting machine
- Preparing linen
- Designing new from old


- Tablet weaving
- Ridged heedle weaving
- Loom weaving
- Maching knitting
- Designing new from old


- Knife making
- Bark weaving
- Basket weaving
- Making tools for use with textiles
- Surface treatments


- Turning mugs and goblets
- Sculpture making
- Decorating and glazing
- Relief
- Firing ceramics outdoors


- Slaughter of Sheep (the breed being Villsau)
- Tanning and conserving sheep skins with grease, alun, Hirse (an tradional Mongolian technique) and bark
- Sewing small things with wool-on leater hides
- Sewing wool-on hide blankets
- Staming on the hides

We have:

- A big wanting for local craftsmanship in textile and wood-work.
- A tannery
- A ceramics room and throwing wheels
- Wool and skins from our own sheep
- Open work time in the evenings, but they are open all day too.
- Three weeks in May to focus on your craft.
- Great nature around the school to get materials from

Meet the Teacher


On hand work and design your teacher is Grethe Garvik.

Self sufficiency-arctic wildlife

Skills to manage yourself. It takes time. Here you will have time, a good teacher and an inspiring community. The globe needs you who want to learn the basics.


You get to learn to sail, and navigate inbetween rocks and cliff faces, and to be crafty and sportsmanly by working together to sail over the sea. As well as carry a thousand year tradition forward the the next generation.

Tiny houses constuction

That many people build bigger and bigger houses is a problem for a world of limited space and resources. With this line we want to be a countermeasure for overuse and waste.

Organic Farming

At Fosen Folkehøgskole we have our own farm. We grow potatoes and vegetables, herbs, grains and grass.

Hand work and Design

Wool and leather from our own Villsau sheep, plants to color our hand-spun yarn, and willows to weave into baskets to carry it all in. Our hands and ideas are what make the whole process work, from raw materials to finished products.


Turn a tree standing in the forest into a boat bloating across the waves. The journey begins with working in the forest to collect our wood, and ends with our own handmade boat.

Self sufficiency-urban

The modern urban self sufficient lives in a small space, but grows food in the window sill, has compost in the kitchen, fermented cabbage in the storage room, sour dough in the fridge and "earthquakes" on the porch.