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At Fosen Folk High School you will meet students and teachers who yearn for a sustainable and organic world.

Fosen Folk High School dares to take it's own road, and want to see that it continues to live and at the same time be responsible for a more sustainable community. We have a green profile and follow the year's rhythm as much as we can.

We have our own wooden boat buildery, our own forest, and our own organic farm. Here you learn a lot of exciting things by sharing word and by doing it yourself: Practical knowledge in order to live a more self-supporting, self-helping, and sustainable life.

It is because of this we say: "Fosen Folk High School is more than a school." It is because of this that we dare to call ourselves "Norway's Organic Folk High School."

We want students with unique opinions, interests, wishes, and dreams. We want new thoughts, and ideas, openness, and to be unprejudiced.

Politisk and Religious indepedence

Fosen Folk High School is a spirited school that is not related to any religious and think that simple folk deserve to be free from such questions. Furthermore we are politically independent. The school is owned by "Fosen Folkehøgskolelag," which is how we can keep Fosen self-supporting.

School employees


Arnhild Finne


Arnhild is a freshly baked principal here at Fosen Folk High School! She is always happy, both as a person and as a leader. She has a soild pedagogical background from NTNU. She is an avowed flyfisher and a crackerjack at sewing. And in the past she's been a DJ. Arnhild keeps an open door for students to talk about things big and small.


Ingvar Øydvin

Teacher, Inspector, and Potato (it'll make sense later)

Ingvar is one of our most versitile teachers. He teaches some of the elective courses and course weeks, and is on many of the school trips. Ingvar is both a carpenter and a master with horses, and is involved in much that happens at school. He loves mountains and cycling. Ingvar is a teacher on a new line: self-sufficiency.


Turid Sve


Turid keeps all the money in order. She loves to travel and will always help you with any economics, like your student account or if you need to buy a marker from her!


Eli Foss Hermstad

Office worker and House Mother

Eli is the one that oversees the office and the one you ask about practical matters. Eli also plays the roll of house mother around the school. She takes care of room assignments, and students that are sick or having a difficult time. You can also find her in the Ceramics workshop or with a pen and a sketchbook.


Kenneth Bjørkli

Self-sufficiency Teacher

Kenneth has many pursuits. He is on trips, fishes, sets fishing nets, grows vegetables and keeps ducks, sails, and makes children. He works wood, with and without electricity. He enjoys house building in the old style. Edible plants from the forest are food for him and his family. You can email him at:


Malte Krogh

Boat Building Teacher

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Kjetil Sildnes


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Grethe Garvik

Handwork and Design Teacher

Grethe is innovative, but at the same time loves old-style handwork. Presumably she is related to Askeladden, as she sees benefits and possibilities in everything, and thrives when she gets to be out in nature to get materials and inspiration. She recieved a craft teacher's education from Rauland University College. Grethe is from Bergen and happily beats a juicy reply. (Revise)


Anton Van Genugten

Agriculture Teacher

Anton gets most things to germinate and grow. He is tall and calm, combining farming with acrobatics. He's from the Netherlands and goes about in wooden clogs.


Gerd Eva "Gebba" Rønning


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Lena Lisdotter Børjesson


Lena has been with the school for a long time, and still keeps Swedish as her mother tounge- addmitedly with a little "Norwedish" inbetween. She has worked with both leather tanning in Mongolia and with Massi people in Kenya. She has sailed both in the Black Sea and around the Northern Cape of Norway. She navigates the viking way with a suncompass in her hand. Her three favorite things are ice cream, ice cream, and ice cream.


Lillian Fremo


Lillian ensures everything is clean, organized, and tidy around us. She loves people and animals, and cleans up after you with a smile!


Rune Alsvik


Rune is an educated refridgerator mechanic and has a big interest in computers and fixing all that is possible. Therefore he gets to do the most of it. His car stays at home while he cycles the twenty kilometers to his job at Fosen. Just make sure you don't shot him while moose hunting together.


Ane Marit Willmann

Farm Manager

Ane has worked in research, administration and communication, and in a farm cheese factories, cooperative bakery and dairy farms, and is firmly bursting with wild growth for a restaurant. Burns for sustainable food production on local resources.


Ann Freidis Volden


Ann Freidis has much experience with youths and food, and ensures that all get both enough and good food. She makes dangerously good cakes, speaks hardcore Trøndersk, and thinks big whisks are a little funny.


Renate Sæther


Renate makes food for all of Fosen Folk High School. She makes live and work in the kitchen with Ann-Freidis. Renate is an obvious choice for the staff soccer team, with a sliding tackle you will never forget.


Runa Bergflødt Søilen

lærerassistent jordbruk


Will Riedlinger

teacher assistant boatbuilding


Bendik Eggen Skogvold

teacher assistant boatbuilding


Hanna Antonie Wigen

teacher assistant hand work and design

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