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Food- from field to table

Food- from field to table

This is a course for those who are interesting in what exactly it is they're eating, and how it is made- totally from reason!

We stress:

- Food without cheating
- Getting ingredients yourself
- Organic Food
- Vegetarian food
- Sustainable industry
- Satisfying food
- Edible wild plants
- Cultural Heritage

You will get a very thourough introduction in cooking. We often start with the "Whole" ingredient. You will become tightly connected with life and nature- we fish for the fish. We grow herbs and vegetables. We slaughter the animals that will soon become our meat to cook. Not many youths get to learn this anymore. You will be getting something very special.

A large part of this course is taught outside. We have fruit trees, berry bushes, herbs, vegetables, and a greenhouse.

The weather and the seasons will be deciding how this course will run in detail.

The school's main purpose is on Norwegian food culture, but international food is also important.

Going Deeper

In may we will go out on a gastronomical (food-related) discorvery travel adventure! We will begin in the local area, will will end up on a long trip in and out of the country (Norway). We will be planning this trip together.

More about the kitchen

Read more about how we think around food and the kitchen here.

Vidar Speaks

"I'm called Vidar, and I went to Fosen Folk High School in 2012/13. I choose the course "From Field to Table," and got a unique foundation about it and I now am learning the food and cooking industry. I work with "Søtt+Salt" in Bergen, a gourmet catering company, where we can serve 300-400 customers, all the way down to the small venues either at the customer's home or with us at our location. And in addition we held a course.

Through Fosen I got an important perspective, the importence of organic food. I learned much practical, and unique hand work techniques, what we can create with nature through growing, slaughtering, and practical cooking. In addition we was a very social year for me, meeting all sorts of new people.

Relevant issues:

- Conservation techniques: salting, speking, smoking, drying
- Ysting, germination, sausage
- Yeast baked, sourdough, flatbread, lefse
- Hygiene, bacteriology, microbiology
- Nutrients, antioxidants, glycemic index, fatty acids

Meet the Teacher


On the line From Earth to Table we have two teachers, Agnete and Marte Iren T. Bakken


Ready yourself. Tear yourself loose from experts, international sales scheme and the advertizing industry. Reassure yourself so that you can stand on your own two legs.


You get to learn to sail, and navigate inbetween rocks and cliff faces, and to be crafty and sportsmanly by working together to sail over the sea. As well as carry a thousand year tradition forward the the next generation.

Food- From field to table

Food from the field, or the sea, onto the party table! We get our raw ingredients from the cornfields, the woods, and the sea. We work together, refine the food, and conserve it to eat later.

Organic Farming

At Fosen Folkehøgskole we have our own farm. We grow potatoes and vegetables, herbs, grains and grass.

Hand Work and Design

Wool and leather from our own Villsau sheep, plants to color our hand-spun yarn, and willows to weave into baskets to carry it all in. Our hands and ideas are what make the whole process work, from raw materials to finished products.

Boat Building

Turn a tree standing in the forest into a boat bloating across the waves. The journey begins with working in the forest to collect our wood, and ends with our own handmade boat.