Sailing Tour

This week the whole school has been sailing! After several delays due to bad weather, we could finally sail out to the island where we keep our semi-wild sheep. We set sail early Tuesday morning, sailing through the fog on the Trondheim fjord, the whole school in four boats. We have gathered the sheep, brought …

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Preparing the boats

The sailing class is preparing the boats for the season. Our “fembøring”, Skårungen has been tarred, and has been carried out in the sun to dry. Soon everything is ready for sailing to Lofoten!


The handcraft and design class have dyed yarn with indigo. Look at the beautiful colours! The yarn doesn’t get its blue colour until it reacts with the oxygen in the air.

Course week

This week the students have had a week-long intensive course in either sailmaking, sewing viking clothes, building traditional houses or sandal making. Look at the photos to see all the amazing things the students have made!

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