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Norway`s Organic Folk High School School with goals and meaning


Ready yourself. Tear yourself loose from experts, international sales scheme and the advertizing industry. Reassure yourself so that you can stand on your own two legs.


You get to learn to sail, and navigate inbetween rocks and cliff faces, and to be crafty and sportsmanly by working together to sail over the sea. As well as carry a thousand year tradition forward the the next generation.

Food- From field to table

Food from the field, or the sea, onto the party table! We get our raw ingredients from the cornfields, the woods, and the sea. We work together, refine the food, and conserve it to eat later.

Organic Farming

På Fosen Folkehøgskole har vi en egen gård. Vi dyrker poteter og grønnsaker, urter, korn og gress.

Hand Work and Design

Wool and leather from our own Villsau sheep, plants to color our hand-spun yarn, and willows to weave into baskets to carry it all in. Our hands and ideas are what make the whole process work, from raw materials to finished products.

Boat Building

Turn a tree standing in the forest into a boat bloating across the waves. The journey begins with working in the forest to collect our wood, and ends with our own handmade boat.

Our goals are:

  • To have people grow into adults
  • To keep old traditons alive
  • To make healthy food with sustainability in mind
  • To work as a community without exhausting people or nature
  • To stimulate critical reflection


Good reasons to choose Fosen Folk High School

  • Skills, you can learn to prepare yourself you anything nature can throw at you.
  • Wholeness and context. For example we learn to build a boat so we can take the fish from the ocean.
  • Lots of working inbetween the lines.
  • 3 whole school trips to involve everyone.
  • You will meet many students from other countries, and you will probably be one of them, who have all come together at Fosen because of our unique courses offered. Which can mean much to you later when you have friends from around the world when you want to travel!
  • Wonderful teachers who have more than just one skill.
  • The food. It is healthy, good, local, and organic. Our chefs are just the best, and the kitchen holds Norway's highest certification of organic food preparation: the Debio Gold Mark.


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