At Fosen Folk School there are more classes than just your chosen course. The electives and week-long courses are central additions to the regular learning, which supplement and strengthen the learning on your chosen course. One day a week we have our electives. You will choose one elective in the fall, and a different one in the spring.

Examples of Electives:

- Tanning and leatherwork
- Outdoor living
- Woodwork
- Textile crafts/handwork
- Seamans' work
- Sailing
- Basketweaving

Week-long elective: full focus without interruption

3 times a year we have one-week electives, where we work intensively with one subject the whole week. There are various topics offered for these weeks, often handwork subjects, and we break into groups to work on them together. These subjects could be:

- Felting
- Dyeing with plants
- Fishing/Trapping
- Ropemaking
- Sailing
- Blacksmithing
- Leather sewing
- Knife making
- Sail making
- Log-Cabin building

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