Food is very important to us at Fosen

It is joy, fellowship, and nutrition. We are the only Folk School in Norway that grows a large part of it's own food. It's about the nearness of the ingredients, control over the proess, learning, teamwork, and, most importantly, respect for the food. As well as the joy and safety in knowing you can live off the fat of the land.

Making food from scratch is part and parcel, but we don't stop there. Much of the meat we eat comes from the animals on our farm, who are fed with grain and other snacks that come from our fields. This gives context to your food and you can see the relationships between the food you eat and the earth it comes from.

You are important at Fosen.The potatoes won't grow themselves, they need help, they need you!


We go for Gold!

We are certified Gold by Debio, Norway's organic food accredidation agency. That means that at least 90% of the food served at school is organic. Our kitchen is so good that even Debio themselves rave about it.


The Kitchen staff

In the kitchen we have two chefs and to "Kitchen ladies."
Everyone does their best to make good, healthy food for us.


Vegetarian, Vegan?
Everyone will be offered a tasty and varied vegetarian option. The staff in the kitchen really respect all diets and will make sure everyone is included when it comes to food. Don't feel concerned in the slightest about having dietary needs met, that will all be taken care of for you.

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