Wonderful Rissa

Rissa, with its own 6700 inhabitants, it lies on the Fosen peninsula in Trøndelag. A one hour bus ride from Trondheim is a comfortable place between sea and mountain.

The community center lies down near the town lake, a tidal lake, rich with fish, mussels, and waves to sail, row, and swim amongst.

There is also all of what you will need on sale downtown: a sports store, food store, drug store, library, doctor, dentist, barbar shop, post office, and several grocery stores, and more.

There is great community here, and if you would like they offer amatuor theater, music, and song choir. There is also a gym, town recreation center, and many other community activities. We also have a horse center with a riding hall, and a climbing wall at the school.

Rissa has a long history. The Reins Monestary, in the middle of town, was the king's garden in Viking times. Later it became a church and a nunnery. Today it is a modern, organic farm. The museum "Kystens Arv (The Coast's Heritage)" traces the lines back to boat and coast history.

This is a farming community, but the largest employer is Fosen machine work place, where they build ships.


The school is in Rissa, on the Fosen penninsula, often called "Norway in miniture." Click here, for a link to Google Maps.

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