A Little about the Farm

We are Norway's only folk high school with its own farm. Here there's life all year round.

The farm is 2.5 Km (1.1 mi.) from the school. Where we follow the seasons and respond to the changes in the world around us. On our organic farm we have horses, pigs (often with young), hens, cows, ducks, and two cats.

On our fields we grow hay and other grasses. We also grow grain, both for animal feed and for sale. And last, but not least, we grow vegetables and potatoes to eat at school. The selection of what we grow varies year to year based on what the kitchen (or you) thinks is interesting and exciting

We also own a Seter, or a hillside pasture, that is a part of the farm, even if it's on the other side of the lake. At Lefætten, the seter, we have stalls and grazing area for horses, and we fell trees and mill timber in the winter.

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