Hvordan lære å seile en flåte over Stillehavet?

Akkurat nå er en liten flåte av balsatre på veg over Stillehavet. Se hva polfarer og eventyrer Liv Arnesen skriver om Fosen folkehøgskole:

rasmus signe

Where to learn raft sailing?

By Liv (2016-03-05) Onboard Rahiti, we are very happy that our captain Signe has her old school friend Rasmus onboard. They learned the old techniques of sailing traditional open wooden boats at Fosen Folkehøgskole in Norway. Rasmus even built his own "færing", 2-man row- and sailboat, and sailed it back home to Sweden. When the wind and the weather gets rough, a rope or a brace is breaking, they know what to do and repair it with skills and knots in few minutes.

Ola, the captain on Tupac has also his background from the same school, his father was the boatbuilding teacher for eighteen years. Onboard with him are also the expedition leader Torgeir and Roberto that have both sailed a raft before with the Tangaroa expedition in 2006. Former students of the same school built the rafts in Peru. So if you are intetested learning these skills and more; check in on www.fosen.fhs.no The shows Captain Signe and Rasmus in good teamwork on the aft deck.

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