Self sufficiency

Do you want to repair your chainsaw, or sew up a hole in your anorak? Sew a tent, grow vegetables, and forge the tools to do it with? In Self-Sufficiency you will recieve the foundational knowledge to do everything from picking wild herbs to house building, fishing and mechanics to food preservation and wood working.

Learn what you need to be more self-sufficient; whether living in an apartment unit where you want to raise herbs in the windowsill, have a compost in the kitchen, sourdough starter in the fridge, and a "rootceller" on the veranda. Or you live a bit closer to nature and want to forage in the woods for food or building material, or fish in the stream to catch your next meal. Then this is the course for you.

We will be out in the woods and foraging for what that season has to offer, and will learn about nature, wild edibles, trees, and weather. In fall and spring we'll find ourselves turning soil in the garden. Preserving fruit will be second nature, whether lactofermenting, drying, making cordials, or pickling you will learn what's best for whatever is in season.

Handcraft is a central aspect in this course. You will learn ways to craft your own knife, sew a backpack, repair things that break, or make something new out of something old.

A year goes fast, and we won't be able to learn everything, so we must priortize. Thoughout the year there will be an ongoing discussion between students and teacher to decide what the class will focus on day to day.

The year could include:

  • Making our own fishing equipment, and to fish with it
  • Woodwork, bushcraft, and carpentry
  • Outdoor survival
  • Knowledge of materials, from wood to fabric
  • The use of various tools
  • Fermentation and preservation of food
  • Sewing clothes and making outdoor gear
  • Wild plants and herbs
  • Cultivation of vegetables, fruit, and berries. Organically and by permaculture
  • The care of farm animals such as pigs, hens, sheep, and horses
  • Repair, mechanics, maintenance, and welding
  • Forest work, such as felling of trees, and maintening a woodlot
  • Tanning hide to leather
  • And blacksmithing

Meet the Teacher

Teacher on Self sufficiency

Bjørn W. Wissing

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