School Employees

This lovely group is looking forward to getting to know you!

Rektor Arnhild Finne ved Fosen Folkehøgskole

Arnhild Finne


Arnhild is our cheerful, dependable principal. Her pedagogical background from NTNU and warm-hearted personality make her a strong leader at Fosen FHS. She is a whiz with a flyrod, a sewing machine, and a turntable. Arnhild keeps an open door and creates a safe space where students can talk freely.


Kenneth Bjørkli

Assistant Headmaster and Boat Building Teacher

Kenneth is a renaissance man. His interests fill the spectrum from traditional crafting and old-time techniques to discussing quantum physics and Star Wars. He is a skilled woodworker, craftsman, and trip leader. Kenneth can be often found of a foraging expedition in the forest with his family.


Turid Sve


Turid is in charge of the books. She keeps student accounts in order and isn’t fazed by the flurry of craft material orders that fly through her office. She is a fan of travel and is always ready to crack a joke.


Eli Foss Hermstad

Front Office and House Mother

Eli is in charge of the front office. She is responsible for processing your applications, assigning rooms, and solving practical problems. Eli is also our ‘House Mother’ who watches out for students who may be having difficulties or are feeling under the weather. She also our ceramics instructor and can be found crafting with knitting needles or a sketchbook.

Vaktmester Rune Alsvik

Rune Alsvik


Rune is our Mr. Fix-It! His education as a refrigerator mechanic and interest in computers makes him an incredible handyman. He is an avid cyclist and skilled hunter.

Emmma Engevold

Emma Engevold

Farm Manager

Emma manages Nøst, our organic farm. She works hard to develop the potential of our land. She keeps our crops, vegetables, and livestock healthy and happy.

Minihus- laerer Malte Krogh Bertelsen

Malte Krogh

Tiny House Construction Teacher

Malte is a wizard with wood. He is well-practiced at seeing protentional in trees and creating boats, buildings, and furniture from them. He has honed his craft and become a registered boat builder. Malte can be found in the forest or on a mountain top with his dog. And, if you’re lucky you may one day hear him play his congas.

Seilingslærer Kjetil Sildnes

Kjetil Sildnes

Sailing Teacher

Kjetil is our playful and positive sailing instructor. He is always ready to brave the weather and catch the wind. He is a skilled sailor, fisher, and outdoor life instructor. Kjetil is one of the world’s best huggers and he is an incredible companion to have on a trip.

Lærer Grethe Garvik

Grethe Garvik

Textile & Traditional Handcraft Teacher

Grethe is our highly creative handwork teacher. She loves traditional handwork techniques and old-style craft. She received her education at Rauland University College. Grethe is innovative and is skilled at inspiring students with nature’s materials. Rumors say she is related to Askeladden!

Anton van Genugten er lærer på linja Økologisk småbruk på Fosen Folkehøgskole

Anton Van Genugten

Organic Farming Teacher

Anton is our tall, Dutch jester. He is an energetic acrobatic, often found running around in wooden clogs. Anton is calm and caring. His gentle approach to agriculture keeps our farm and forest thriving. He is a compost fanatic and champions a sustainable, organic lifestyle.

Bjørn Willemoes Wissing er lærer på linja Sjølberging på Fosen Folkehøgskole

Bjørn Willemoes Wissing

Self-Sufficiency Teacher

Bjørn is a whimsical, warm-hearted character. He is always ready to guide students through the forests and share the hidden secrets of the landscape. He is known here as an enthusiastic storyteller and teacher. Bjørn is a skilled outdoorsman and has endless knowledge about self-sufficiency techniques. He is often decked out in handknit sweaters and a winning smile.

Marte Iren Bakken er lærer på Fosen Folkehøgskole

Marte Iren Bakken


Marte is multitalented. She is our deeply knowledgable master of sailmaking, food preservation specialist, and green-thumbed horticulture enthusiast. Marte is also a skilled plant dyer, knitter, and textile crafter. She has strong roots in the culture and traditions of the school. Her long career here has seen her through many memorable sailing trips and adventures.  

Catriona Bullivant Fosen Folkehøgskole

Catriona Bullivant


Catriona is from Scotland and has background as a Scottish folk musician. She often plays the fiddle for the school dances. Catriona works at Nøst, and can be found in the kitchen from time to time.

Runa Bergflødt Søilen  er kjøkkenassistent på Fosen Folkehøgskole
Tora Heide jobber med markedsføring på Fosen Folkehøgskole

Tora Heide

Marketing and teacher

Tora keeps us connected with the times. She is the brains behind our school’s media presence and is clever with a camera. Her pedagogical background and kind heart make her an integral part of the Fosen family. Tora grew up into this coastal culture and is well versed in the traditions of the school. Also, she wrote the book on sailing… literally.

Lillian Fremo er renholder på Fosen Folkehøgskole

Lillian Fremo


Lillian is quick with a smile. She keeps our school shining and orderly. Lillian also keeps us well fed. We are lucky to have her in the halls and in the kitchens!

Renate Sæther er kokk og kjøkkenleder på Fosen Folkehøgskole

Renate Sæther

Kitchen Manager / Chef

Renate is a master with a menu. She takes fresh ingredients from our own farm and transform them into fantastic feasts.

Evelyn Dahle er kokk på Fosen Folkehøgskole

Evelyn Dahle

Kitchen Manager / Chef

Evelyn is a critical member of the kitchen team. Along with her team, she creates tasty dishes from our coastal catches. She is known for her hard work ethic and infectious laughter.

Ann Freidis Volden er kokk på Fosen Folkehøgskole.

Ann Freidis Volden


Ann Freidis is an experienced cook. She keeps us well fed with homestyle, organic foods. And her hardcore Trøndersk in combination with her humor keeps us entertained. Ann Freidis treats us with dangerously delicious cakes and goodies.

Lene Jacobsen


Hanne Bjørnerås