Elever på Fosen Folkehogskole ror en trebat i solnedgangen

Visas for foreign students

Students from the EU and EEA

Students from EU/EEA countries:
As a member of the EU or EEA you need to register as a student and get a registration certificate. You have to first register online, and later go to the registration office in Trondheim. Choose municipality “Indre Fosen”. Read more here.

We recommend that you register online before coming here, and stop by the registration office in Trondheim on your way to Fosen, rather than missing school to go there later. You might need to book an appointment in advance.


Non-EU citizens

For students from outside the EU/EEA, who do not have a Norwegian citizenship: We recommend that you apply for a study permit as soon as possible. Go to the UDI website, fill in your country of origin, choose “Study permit” and “Folk high school”.

Please contact the Norwegian embassy or consulate in your country for assistance. Your residence permit should not expire before 15.06.2025.

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration, UDI, requires a part of the school fee to be transferred to the school`s bank account before your application is processed. The advance payment required is NOK 116 386,- in addition to the enrollment fee of NOK 2 750,-. Enclose receipts of both payments with your application to the embassy or consulate.  If for any reason your application should be denied, the pre-paid school fee will be returned. The enrollment fee (NOK 2 750,-) will not be returned.

Please note that the initial price for the year is NOK 144 950,- , so the advance payment does not cover the entire year. There are also additional costs for single rooms, special food requirements, and craft materials.  In addition, there are deposits for key/room and tools. Read more about additional expenses on here.

Please contact our secretary Eli at [email protected] if you require any documentation.

If you are required to go to the registration office in Trondheim in person, we recommend doing so on your way to Fosen, if possible. You might need to book an appointment in advance.