Fees and expences

Stipend for Foreign students

Statens Lånekasse (The national student fund for education)

Foreign students, in some instances, can recceive a stipend from Statens Lånekasse for education.

This applies to, among others, family immigration, if you are married to a Norwegian citizen, or have lived and worked in Norway for two years.

Read more here: https://www.lanekassen.no/nb-NO/Languages/Financial-support-for-foreign-students/Who-is-eligible/

Sweden, Finland, Faroe Islands and Åland

Students from Sweden, Finland, and the Faroe Islands can apply for financial support with their homeland's government.

Students from Åland kan apply with Landskapsregjeringen for financial support.

Other support options for foreign students

There are other organizations that offer stipends and financial support for cultural growth and understanding in Norway. Here are some, but there are more:


Prices the 2024/25  School Year :

The main fee is NOK 144 950,-.
This includes room and board, collective expenditures, and school trips and the enrollment fee.

Additional cost for single room, special dietary needs and material costs for certain classes are not included. (see below)

Collective fees cover, among other things: transport, equipment, field trips, washing facilities, copying, and two five-day trips with the whole school.

This price covers a slightly longer school year than most Norwegian folk schools, as we need to continue for longer in the spring, to allow the Organic Farming class time for planting.

If you end your year early, no matter the cause, you must pay up to and inculding the 6 weeks after the date you leave the school.

Single Room

Additional cost for a single room: NOK 9 300,- for the whole year.

Special diets

We offer a vegetarian diet for those who want this, at no extra cost.

Special diets for students with food allergies, intolerances or other special dietary needs, have an  additional cost of NOK 4 300,- pr year. On overnight trips, you will be expected to contribute with regards to your diet, to make sure your needs are met.

Please notify our kitchen staff at [email protected] if you would like vegetarian food, or if you have allergies or intolerances that you would like us to accomodate.

Materials Costs

Expenditures in regard to materials you buy from the school in connection with electives, course weeks, and individual course work, comes in addition to the aforementioned price.

Students usually spend between 1500 and 5000 NOK per student per year, dependent on which electives and course weeks you choose. For students on the Handwork course the usual expenditure is between 2000 and 6000 NOK.

An advanced payment of 1500,- NOK is paid at the start of the year (3,500,- NOK for Textile students). Any unsued amount will be refunded at the end of the year.


(Retured at the end of the year)
- Key and room: 1200,- NOK
- For tools in the Boat Building class: 800,- NOK
- For tools in the Tiny House Construction class: 700,- NOK
- For tools Textile & Traditional Handcraft class: 450,- NOK


-For duvet and pillow 700,- NOK (optional)


The Schools bank

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Account Number: 4213.05.10242
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